June 7th, 2020

Dear Members and Family of Lisbon Presbyterian Church,

Throughout our adjusted living in this pandemic, it has been a challenge to plan long-term.  Circumstances and situations in any location are fluid and require flexibility.  Yet, we navigate through it as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved.  We develop plans and make decisions as people completely reliant on our God, who never changes!  We react to those plans entirely dependent upon the Spirit of God to fill us and show through us compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  We bear with each other, ever respectful of our brothers and sister’s fears, and concerns or comfort and ease.  Above all, we put on the unconditional love our Savior has shown to us and that now shines through us in this unique time.


Resume services June 7th, 2020

Sunday’s Cool! Will be put on hold until further notice.  We have started Sunday’s Cool! (Sunday School) back up again

Fellowship after Worship will be suspended until further notice.


*       Use main entrance only, doors will be propped open; all other          doors will remain locked.  Hand Sanitizer is available in the    Narthex; please use before entering the church.

*       Please Do Not linger in the Narthex.

*       Physical distancing will be encouraged and maintained in the           building and in the rows of seats.  Members of the same household       may, of course, sit in close proximity to one another in the same    row.  But there should be at least SIX FEET between different       groups.  Ushers can help direct seating to help.

*       The church bulletins will be placed in the Narthex and are      “SINGLE   USE”, please take them with you or toss in the recycle   box in the Narthex.  The Bulletin will also be available in your


*       Offering plates will be at the Front entrance door.

*       Holy Communion will be offered during Communion Services        utilizing “Disposable Communion Wafer/Wine Cups.”  More      information will come as to following the usher’s orders for cup disposal.

*       Worshipers will be ushered out after the service in order to     maintain distancing.  Back pews will be released first going all the        way to the front.  We ask again an orderly SIX FOOT distancing.     Leaving the Church out the front doors.

*        If you need to use the restroom, please use as much caution   around others as you are able.  Hand soap will be available.

*       If you want to visit with fellow worshipers, please do this outside   in the open air before you enter the building prior to the service, or after the service when you leave the building.

*       It is important that there be no congregating of people at the   entrance to the building or in the Narthex.  We have a large parking lot and plenty of grassy space for this.


*       When you come to Worship, please respect the physical distancing           guidelines.  We will be happy to see each other again, but now is    not the time to greet one another with a HUG or HANDSHAKE.        We will leave creative “social distance greetings” up to you.

*       We ask you to wear a mask or scarf or any other PPE if you are           comfortable doing so.  We respect one another’s decision to   determine what they feel is appropriate.  We offer only the request          that you dispose of your PPE properly.  Please bring your own, the      church is unable to provide masks or gloves at this time.  We will   have hand sanitizer out for your use.

*       Continue to use common sense.  If you are sick, have any       symptoms of Covid-19, are at high risk of serious illness, or are          uncomfortable attending services at this time, please stay home and    utilize our E-Mail for Worship.

Finally it goes without saying:

Exercise Christian love, care and common sense.  Each of us has our own cares, concerns and thoughts about the pandemic and reconvening.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ who have longed over the past few months to gather in God’s house and be encouraged by one another.  Perhaps more than ever, we have the incredible joy and privilege to do what the Apostle Paul encourages; Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.  God grant this in us as we wait to walk back through the doors of his house to be fed by him and to encourage one another!

From You Session Members!

Blessed Day!



*Sunday’s Cool! (Our Sunday School classes) run every Sunday during our church service with rare exceptions from September through May.  During the summer months, it runs 2 Sundays a month.


*Pastor on vacation 5/31 – 6/28/21

Sunday, June 6th             10:00am Worship/ Communion, NO Sunday’s Cool!

Thursday, June 10th         5:00pm NO Community Banquet

                                            During the day – Mud jacking south side of Church

Sunday, June 13th            10:00am Worship with Sunday’s Cool! / JELLO SUNDAY

Monday, June 14th            M. Haubner birthday, M&N Tetzlaff Anniversary

Wednesday, June 16th       C. Haubner and M. Bauer birthday

Saturday, June 19th          9:00am NO SOS

Sunday, June 20th            Father’s Day

                                           9:00am Continental Breakfast

                                          10:00am Worship, NO Sunday’s Cool!

Monday, June 21st            During the day – contractors working on South & West

                                            side of church

Wednesday, June 23rd       M. Schmackle birthday

Sunday, June 27th            10:00am Worship with Sunday’s Cool!

Monday, June 28th            6:30pm Session Meeting

                                             D. Schlei birthday

Sunday, August 8th           Church Picnic and Worship at the Radtke’s house




Update on Community Banquet ~ St. James has informed us that they are only in Phase 2 of re-opening their church facilities. It is difficult at this time to determine when we may be able to use the community center again. Updating our schedule will be on hold until there is a tentative re-start date. More than likely the summer of 2021. We will continue to update you as we go.



Office Hours for Pastor Keith are on

Tuesdays, from 9:30am – 12:00pm.

Anyone wishing to get in touch, chat, or make an appointment for any of our church services we offer, please feel free to call or just stop in.

Phone # 262-246-3377

Pastor Jones will be out of the office on Fridays.



Contacts Info for Pastor’s Services, Emergencies or Prayers –

Pastor Keith Jones: Office 262-246-3377,  after hours 262-696-4074

Carole Haubner: 262-424-6003 or

Diane Perron: 262-820-0402 or  


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